Going With Krampus


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Krampus comes and collects the bad children in the middle of a winter’s night. Shown here is a line of naughty offenders who are bound after being caught by Krampus. No doubt they are headed off to the Black Forest to meet their ill fate. Let it serve as a reminder to be good, for Krampus is watching.

Krampus is the antithesis of St Nicholas. According to legend Krampus comes for those who have been naughty. Depending on folklore he either arrives on Krampus night or on Christmas Eve carrying chains and a switch broom. Krampus sometimes travels alone, sometimes with St.Nick and sometimes with an angel. He gathers offending children into a basket and carries them away to the Black Forest. In some tales he punishes the children and lets them go, in other tellings he eats them for his Christmas super.

This wall hanging holiday plaque features a laser jet reproduction of a vintage Krampus postcard. The image is framed in ultra fine glitter and the plaque has been edged in tinsel. The plaque has been decoupaged with matt finish and given texture to the touch. Signed and dated.

9 ¼ inches with hanger
6 ½ inches height
4 ½ inches wide

Created by Twilight Faerie 2014