Witch in Flight. A Halloween/Christmas Ornament.


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There! You see her as she soars by the Harvest Moon! The siloutte of the beautiful witch that you thought was only a legend!

Aprox. 3 1/2 x 4 3/4 inches

Walking home alone at night with the full harvest moon lighting your way, you could swear you hear something wooshing behind you in the sky. You turn to see, but are perplexed.  There’s nothing there.  Hmm.  “Just my imagination” you tell yourself, as you turn back down the path.  But then you hear it again, and something catches your eye up above!

This is one of my newest ornament creations. She was painstakingly detailed in apoxy sculpt in the original sculpture. Carefully molded carefully cleaned and carefully painted. The design may appear simple. But the painting of this ornament is quite lovingly detailed in the small areas, keeping the two colors, black and soft orange,as even as possible in their edges!

Quite the labor of love this one!

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