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IKEA Stockholm sofa Coming in at 10th place is this stunning sofa from the IKEA’s Stockholm collection. It looks absolutely beautiful with its contemporary style that visually conveys comfort. As the IKEA sofa with the deepest seating depth, the Stockholm is practically made for lounging which is wonderfully comfortable, but not great for those who prefer more upright seating. It comes with original velvet slipcovers in dark orange, dark blue, and grey, which amps up the luxury and has most certainly set the bar high for all the other sofas during our IKEA sofa reviews. The collection includes a 3-seater sofa (with seat cushions), a 2-seater sofa (with one seat cushion), a woven rattan chair with cushions, and a marshmallow-shaped pouffe. IKEA Gronlid Sofa A relatively new player on the scene, the Gronlid is all about comfort. It sports thick, extra plush cushions that make you feel like you’re sitting on square clouds. Her response. Thankfully, they are also very supportive to prevent you from being sucked into the couch. Mixers and matchers would be pleased to hear that the Gronlid has all the footstools, corners, and lounges needed to really grow the sofa. Though it’s size and clunkiness takes up space rather fast. Compared to it’s direct rival (the Ektorp), the deeper seating is well welcomed for a more relaxed sitting session. It goes well with the cushy cushions and makes the Gronlid one of the ultimates in IKEA comfort. Karlstad sofa in Rouge Emerald fabric It’s been almost years since the Karlstad came into existence after the popular Karlanda was phased out. Over the years, the range grew to include types of armchairs, 2-seater, 3-seater sofa, sofabed, corner sofa, chaise variants and a footstool, which is basically every iteration of living room seating you might even dream of. Technically, yes, but over the past decade, people have been coming up with many ways to reinvent, refresh and hack the Karlstad to suit their personal styles and tastes. This is why it scored so highly in our IKEA sofa reviews, because of its popularity and flexibility, and could arguably be one of the best IKEA sofas out there. Soderhamm Corner Sofa in Liege Biscuit fabric We’ve written about the Soderhamn quite a bit on our resource page and IKEA sofa reviews, and we’ve even hacked it to resemble a designer piece. This collection is modular, so you can just go with the regular 3-seater (armrests optional) and build up to a larger sectional if you have a big space. With just the chair/one-seat, sofa, corner and chaise pieces, you can mix and match to build the sectional of your dreams in your space. Though it certainly comes close to being one of the most comfortable IKEA sofas (by comfortable we also mean “sleep-inducing”). It’s a lot more suitable for a casual family room rather than a formal living room due to its deep seating depth and low height, but a major plus point for this range is how it looks – quite a departure from the traditional sofa styles we see from IKEA..
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