Harland, the Chocolate Ghost Bunny

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Harland, the Chocolate Ghost Bunny is a hand-drawn, 5” x 7” greeting card, which we’ve left blank on the inside for your own inspired poetry or prose.

The front of the card says:
First sighting of a Chocolate Ghost Bunny, found outside his lair on May 20, 1801.

Besides our hips, where do all those chocolate bunnies go once eaten? This is the stuff I wonder about. One day I received my answer. Strangely, I had got lost on my walk home from the forest to my house. I say strangely, because I don’t make a habit of getting lost. Particularly since this is a walk I’ve made on a nearly daily basis. Hmm…my head did feel foggy that day. Anyway, I spotted this ghostly bunny figure stepping outside the gate of a castle. A castle I’ve never seen before or since. This rather dapper fellow introduced himself to me as Harland. Once I regained my ability to speak (it’s not every day I encounter chocolate ghost bunnies), I returned his courtesy and we began to chat. Harland has some very interesting, albeit gruesome tales to tell. I asked if he minded if I sketched his portrait and surprisingly he was flattered and immediately agreed. After finishing his sketch, he told me about the “others.” Yes. There are thousands, if not tens of thousands (perhaps even millions) of deceased chocolate bunnies whose spirits have not been able to go on to a better place and their restless, chocolate smelling spirits walk the earth. Since then I’ve traveled all over the world, sniffing my way through forests, villages, and castles in the hopes of finding them and indeed I have encountered many, many of Harland’s brethren. Disappointingly, none of them have been as talkative as Harland, although then again that actually might be for the best…

Harland, the Chocolate Ghost Bunny is part of the greeting card line, Cards for a Gloomy Day. Although Cards for a Gloomy Day’s color of choice is gray, we are a Green company. All of our products are Hand Drawn with Gloom and printed on 5″ x 7″ light gray colored, 90lb. cover stock that is 100% post consumer recycled fiber, processed chlorine free, and Green-e Certified (manufactured using renewable energy). All of our cards come with a pepper gray envelope that is made of 100% recycled content Kraft Paper. Individual cards come in a clear cello wrapper that contains 10% recycled polypropylene and are 100% recyclable as well as acid and lignin free. We also recycle our ink cartridges. Pretty cool, eh?

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Original Artwork and Story © Intricate Knot Art For A Gloomy Day

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