Raven Halloween Ornament


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Beware the Harbinger of Death sitting before you on a Blood Moon Night…..”Never more” quote the Raven….”Never more!”

A Black silhouette of a Raven sitting in a dead tree in front of a bright full Moon, shrouded in a blood Red background and smokey black boarder.

This Poe inspired ornament is a new treasure from the mind of the artist behind A Ryer Studio, Angela Ryer.
“This piece speaks loudly to my inner child that grew up loving the works of Edgar Allan Poe. Especially the classic, The Raven. I had no idea, when I created this ornament that it would turn out so reminiscent of old Roger Corman “Poe” films.
This is now one of my favorites!”

*What you see is a mere representation of what this design looks like. Since it is hand painted NO TWO ARE EXACTLY ALIKE!
The detail seen here is what I tried to stay as true to as possible throughout the batch’s creation. All pieces are individual works of art. All pieces are signed by the artist.*

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