Zombie Cake Topper


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Our happy couple featured on this cake topper or sit about decoration is dead, dead and dead.

This little one of a kind Mr. & Mrs. cake topper could be yours, if you want it bad enough. This item of dark and delicious beauty measures 6 3/4 w x 4 1/2 h inches. They are married but the Mr. seems to think he needs to race off for some brains before romancing his new bride. She is not having any of it as they ate most of their bridal party already! The Mrs. is dressed in her wedding finery which has gotten a bit tattered and dirty for all that has happened of late. The overlay of her dress is made of aged cheesecloth as is her veil which is adorned with an aged, well dead rose. Mr. Is dressed in the usual tux, aged to death by various body parts, blood, etc. Beneath their feet lies a bed of moss which covers the dearly departed, buried (not for long) below. A RIP tombstone completes this gem.

Created by Sauvage Raven Creations 2014

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